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Pensions and finances can be confusing at the best of times and it’ll probably take you a while to understand how the Fund works.

But with a little forward planning, you can make sure you’re in control of your retirement (even though it might seem a bit far off at the minute).

For instance, ask yourself - could you live on the State Pension alone? The answer for most of us, sadly, is no.

​Check your State Pension statement to find out how much State Pension you might get. 

To find out when you can start claiming your State Pension, ​try the government's State Pension age calculator.

Helpful contacts

It’s very important to take independent financial advice before making any decisions about your retirement plans.  Please note that neither your pensions administrator RPMI nor your employer can give you advice.

Go to: – for a list of independent financial advisers in your area. –  for useful pensions/financial information – for free independent advice

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