All about AVCs

Watch ​our short video clip to learn how AVCs could make a difference.

Additional Voluntary Contributions - or AVCs - are extra payments you can make towards your pension​ savings.

There are two ​AVC arrangements you can join if you're currently paying into the Fund:
BRASS - This is for members who joined the Fund before 1 April 2007 (1970 Section members).

AVC Extra - This for members who joined the Fund on or after 1 April ​2007 (2007 Section and CARE section members) or ​1970 Section members who already pay the maximum into BRASS.

How to join...

If you'd like to join an AVC arrangement, please print out the right form for your membership category below and fill in your details, then pass it to your HR or payroll department,

1970 Section members:

Application to join BRASS  
Application to join AVC Extra (only if you already pay the maximum allowed to BRASS)

2007 Section and CARE Section members:

Application to join AVC Extra

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    You pay less tax

    The money you save into AVCs is tax-free (limits apply) so it's an efficient way to save

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    You decide how much to pay

    You can make a ​one-off payment or pay from as little as £2 per week from your salary

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    You choose where to invest

    ...from the range of funds offered by the Trustee

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    Switching your funds is easy

    If ​your investment funds no longer meet your needs, you can switch​ them at any time (BRASS members ​can switch online by logging into ​their myFund account)

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    You have control

    You can stop paying in to AVCs at any time - the money you've already paid in will remain invested until you claim it when you retire


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