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AVCs: Boosting my benefits

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Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) are a tax-efficient way to ​make extra savings into your pension pot.

They are paid on top of normal contributions and you choose where they are invested, from a range of funds selected by the Trustee.
The Fund's AVC arrangements are BRASS (for 1970 members only) and AVC Extra (for 2007 Section and CARE members, as well as 1970 Section members who are paying the maximum into BRASS).

How AVCs work

AVCS are taken from your pay before tax (subject to certain limits). You choose how much extra you want to pay in.

You may want to to consider AVCs if you:

  • have earnings which don't count towards your ​Fund pension, such as overtime
  • are thinking about taking your benefits early (if you are eligible), or
  • you simply want to save a bit more towards your future. 

How to join BRASS…

You can join BRASS if you joined the Fund before 1 April 2007. Join BRASS   

How to join AVC Extra…

You can join AVC Extra if you joined the Fund on or after 1 April 2007 or if you joined before 1 April 2007 and already pay the maximum to BRASS. Join AVC Extra   

Making your mind up about AVCs

If you're not sure, it's recommended that you take independent financial advice. You'll find a list of IFAs in your area at

Neither your employer, RPMI nor the Trustee can offer advice on individual financial matters.


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