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Your Fund pension is currently preserved, but still offers valuable benefits when you’re ready to claim them. These benefits will go up every year in line with inflation until you ​start taking them. 

You can apply to take your Fund benefits at your section’s normal ​​retirement age. You might be able to apply to take your benefits earlier (for example, if you have a Protected Pension Age of age 50).

When you retire, your Fund benefits include:

  • a pension for the rest of your life; and 
  • an optional tax-free lump sum.

If you die before you start claiming your benefits, ​options for your beneficiaries may include:

  • a death-benefit lump sum;
  • pensions for eligible children until they are 18 – or older if they are disabled or in full-time education;
  • a pension for your eligible or legal spouse; and/or
  • a pension for eligible dependants (adults who have been largely or fully financially dependent on you in the two years before your death).​

More details about claiming your benefits are available in the Getting my Pension ​section.

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