Planning for retirement

Claiming my pension

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Are you thinking about claiming your retirement benefits?

It's a good idea to get independent financial advice first. You'll find a list of advisers in your area at

Please note that the Trustee, RPMI and your employer ​are unable to offer advice and information provided by RPMI should not be relied on as advice about your individual circumstances.

How to claim your Fund benefits

  1. Request an estimate of your current benefits ​from the Helpline on 0800 2 343434. You can also download the Estimate of Benefits form in Forms.

The estimate will explain your options, and RPMI will let you know if your benefits meet the minimum requirement for payment.

  2. If you decide to go ahead and claim your benefits, you can download ​the Application for Benefits form for your section in Forms. This should be filled in with the help of your personnel office.

  3. Once your application form is processed, you’ll be sent a statement showing the benefits you’ll receive and when you’ll receive the first payment and your lump sum.

And that's it! You can look forward to receiving your benefits.


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