What is the Fund?

Scheme Stats (2018)

The Fund’s full name is the British Transport Police Force Superannuation Fund.

It’s a first-class pension scheme which provides retirement and life assurance benefits for its members. There are three sections:        

  • the 1970 section – for members who joined before 1 April 2007;
  • the 2007 section – for members who joined between 1 April 2007 and 31 March 2015; and
  • the CARE section – for members who joined on or after 1 April 2015.

Looking after your pension

As a Fund member, you receive valuable benefits including:

  • tax relief on contributions;

  • a pension which is paid for life when you retire;

  • the option to take a tax-free lump sum ​when you retire; plus
  • benefits for dependants when you die

The Trustee oversees the Fund’s investments, management and governance. Contributions are invested in a wide variety of assets which make up the investment portfolio that pays the Fund's benefits.

Managing the Fund

Many​ powers and duties of the Trustee are delegated to the Fund’s Management Committee.

The Management Committee meets quarterly and is made up of six employer-nominated representatives and six employee​-appointed representatives.

Three of the employee representatives are elected by the British Transport Police Federation, two by the pensioners of the Fund and one by the Chief Constable (after consultation with ranks not represented by the British Transport Police Federation).

The Committee’s duties include monitoring the funding level of the Fund and considering applications for death benefit distribution and incapacity pensions.