Retirement budgeting calculator

Most of us don’t actually imagine having a Ferrari or a second home on the Costa del Sol when we retire. It’s more likely that, in life after work, we’ll want to continue the lifestyle we’ve enjoyed while working.

If retirement is still a long way off, picturing what kind of lifestyle you’d like might be hard. But having a rough idea of the costs will help you estimate if you’re saving enough for the future.

Our lifestyle calculator is a quick and easy tool to help you work out how much income you might need, after tax, to enjoy the lifestyle you hope for. The figures are only a guideline and are not a guarantee of the income you'll need when you retire.


The figures used in the retirement budgeting calculator are the property of the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA)/Loughborough University Retirement Living Standards, and have been used with the permission of the PLSA. Further information on the PLSA/Loughborough University Retirement Living Standards can be found here.